(Good News Network) – A 21-year-old firefighter finally got to appreciate the vivid colors of his country’s flag after his colleagues pooled their money to buy him a pair of corrective glasses for colorblindness.

Spencer Caradine, who works as a firefighter in Douglas County, Georgia, didn’t know that he was red-green colorblind until his friend and co-worker Jordan Gardner took notice.

The two men had been out on a hiking trip when Gardner tried to point out a green object that stood next to a red barn – but Caradine said that he couldn’t tell the difference between the two.

Gardner later confirmed his friend’s colorblindness after he got Caradine to unknowingly take a vision test. He and the other firefighters then opened their wallets so they could get Caradine a pair of EnChroma glasses, which cost upwards of $300 on Amazon.com.