(WMAZ) – “A woman’s best friend” — that’s how Maranda Pfohl describes her dog Daisy.

“She doesn’t go more than 10 feet away from me, for the whole 8 years I’ve had her,” Pfohl says. “Everyone says, ‘Oh, she’s just a dog.’ No, she is my child.”

During a bathroom break on New Year’s night, Pfohl lost sight of Daisy in the yard.

“Well, she sees a squirrel and decides to chase it, so my husband comes inside to grab some shoes, and when he goes back out, he can’t find her,” says Pfohl.

Pfohl and neighbors searched for half an hour until she spotted something in the storm drain.

“Pure joy and panic set in at the same time,” says Pfohl.

Daisy fell roughly five feet deep into the drain. Pfohl called the Milledgeville Fire Department for help. Fireman Nick Clark climbed down the storm drain to bring Daisy to safety.

“She’s been with me through everything — every college, every relationship, every friendship. She’s just been there for everything. She walked me down the aisle on my wedding day,” says Pfohl.

Pfohl says she is grateful that the Milledgeville Fire Department brought her pup to safety.

Clark says that was his first time rescuing a pet from a storm drain. He says it was more difficult for him to get in and out of the drain than it was to get the dog out.