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(CBS11) – Stuck on the side of the road with the start of a new career hanging in the balance, a North Texas police officer is being credited with saving the day and likely a Cedar Hill woman’s new job.

It was Jennifer Howard-Thompson’s first day at her new job.

“I felt this little shake and I was like ‘oh no, I think my tire just blew’,” said Howard-Thompson.

Already stressed and nervous, Howard-Thompson sat stranded on FM 1382.

“Oh no they’re going to think something is wrong with me. Oh god, we hired her and she’s late on the first day,” said Howard-Thompson.

Car after car zoomed by but no one stopped.

“I kept thinking who can I call? Who can I call?” said Howard-Thompson.

She would not have to dial anyone.

“I asked her if she had a spare tire, her jack. She said she did, so I said, lets do this,” said Officer David Banta with the Cedar Hill Police Department.

Officer Banta spotted Howard-Thompson and did not hesitate. Battling the head and traffic, Officer Banta knew the clock was ticking.

“First day on the job, what are the chances?” said Officer Banta.

But after a few turns of the wrench, Howard-Thompson was back on the road.

“It was like the cavalry came in and saved me!” said Howard-Thompson.

While she still was a little late, she had an alibi and a picture to prove what happened on the road.

“Any other officers out there would have done the same thing. And they do it every day,” said Officer Banta.

Banta said it is why he joined the force in the first place, to help.