(KLTV) – A New Hampshire man who climbed a 60-foot tree trying to retrieve his drone became stuck for about 30 minutes and had to be rescued by firefighters.

Daniel Lacourse decided Wednesday to climb a Manchester, NH, tree in which his drone had been stuck for two weeks. At first, it seemed simple to Lacourse, who borrowed a friend’s climbing gear and looked up “how to climb” on YouTube.

Lacourse hoisted himself up the tree and used a massive stick to dislodge the drone, but then, things went south.

“I didn’t expect it to be so difficult, take so much endurance,” Lacourse said.

The man was left dangling from a rope, 60 feet in the air.

“I was just hanging up there,” Lacourse said. “Panic set in when I couldn’t feel my legs.”

Lacourse’s friend called the Manchester Fire Department. Deputy Chief Michael Gamache was one of many who answered the call.