(11 Alive) – An East Point firefighter saves a dog’s life with quick thinking and CPR after a house fire. Wednesday afternoon, Gerrell Lilly with the East Point Fire Department put out a fire after being called to a home on Scenic Drive.

Lilly recalls safely rescuing the Zack family along with their pets when he noticed one of their dogs, “Frisky” was unresponsive.

“I figured it would be probably like a person. It’s the same kind of set up basically. I started doing compressions on the dog, and then we put some oxygen on him,” said Lilly.

Tense moments for the family as they watched on the sidelines. The Zacks say they consider their pets as part of the family. “Our dogs are literally our babies,” said Davonda Zack.

Lilly performed CPR for several minutes. Eventually, Frisky began barking and wagging his tail.