Every day, first responders risk their lives for the public good.  These are their stories.

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2102, 2018

Jacksonville firefighter overcomes fear of heights to assist in high-rise rescue

(News4Jax) - Two members of the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department on Tuesday detailed how they assisted in a stunning high-rise rescue. JFRD engineers Patrick Schneider and Justin Smith both played important roles in rescuing two men dangling on the side of the BB&T Bank Building in downtown Jacksonville early Monday evening. Schneider told News4Jax that [...]

2002, 2018

Henry emergency medics win state awards after saving 20-day-old infant

(Henry Herald) - Three Henry County firefighters were recently recognized for their quick-thinking response that saved a 20-day-old infant and allowed the baby a chance at a normal life. Paramedics Dustin Taylor and John Johnson and EMT Jeff Dodgen were awarded the Dr. Joseph E. Simon Pediatric Award of Excellence [...]

1402, 2018

Livonia firefighters rescue two from basement in house fire

(hometownlife.com) - Livonia fire crews had to battle several elements early Saturday morning as they rescued two people from the basement of a burning home. Keith Bo, the city's fire marshal, said firefighters were called at about 4 a.m. Saturday to a home in the 15000 block of Green Lane, one [...]

802, 2018


(WSB) - A boy in Titusville wanted a toy so badly, he was willing to crawl inside a claw machine to get it, firefighters said. In a social media post, the Titusville Fire Department said Mason was eating at a restaurant with his family when he decided he wanted a stuffed animal. [...]

502, 2018

High schooler saves coworker’s life with skills he learned as volunteer firefighter

(theweek.com) - He's only been certified as a volunteer firefighter for one month, but high school senior Daniel Dowty has already made his firehouse proud. The 18-year-old from Wisconsin also works at a Shopko, and during one recent shift, he heard a crash and saw that a co-worker had collapsed. The [...]

102, 2018

Off-Duty Firefighter Saves Neighbor After Home, Clothes Catch Fire

(NBC Washington) - Minutes after waking to the sound of screams outside his home, a D.C. firefighter saved a woman who was on fire, plus several homes. Danny Atlas jumped into action Monday morning when his friend and neighbor's home and clothing caught fire. Atlas awoke to a woman's screams [...]